Adding More Exercise into Your Life


In most instances, people should be adding more exercise into their lifestyles to improve the benefits they obtain from exercise. Use the suggestions below for adding exercise into your healthy lifestyle.

Don’t worry about becoming addicted to exercise. If you decide to increase the time you spend working out, it does not mean you are addicted to exercise. While there have been instances where specific behavior indicate an unhealthy prioritizing of exercise, exercise addiction is not a recognized ailment and in most instances, people exercise too little, not too much.

Don’t overdo exercise when you have the time to exercise in order to avoid having to exercise on another day. If you know ahead of time that there’s going to be a day when you won’t be able to exercise, unnecessarily increasing the time you exercise during the prior day can risk injury that is unnecessary for your healthy lifestyle. More exercise doesn’t necessarily mean more time exercising so that you should balance increased times with increased intensity of exercise to pursue progress rather than merely adding time to your workout regimen.

Consider other ways of reducing the sedentary aspects of your lifestyle that are not exercise per se. For instance, engaging in other activities such as housework or playing at the park with your children or grandchildren are non-exercise ways of getting more exercise.

You can increase the duration of your exercise without spending more time at the gym by adding stretches into your exercise routine before and after you work out which don’t have to be done at the gym. Consider incorporating interval training into your exercise routine to add time and variety to your exercise regimen.

Interval training can include a variety of different activities such as alternating between jogging and walking or running and jogging. If you focus on cardio exercise, consider making the addition of resistance training into your exercise routine. Pay attention to when you feel like doing the resistance training to better incorporate it into your routine. For instance, if you know you want to get your cardio over with because it tires you out, reserve your resistance training for post-cardio workout.

Alternatively, you can consider alternating days for resistance training and cardio. If you’ve fallen into the habit of using the fast-workout routine your gym has set up, consider adding another fifteen minutes of exercise to that routine or alternating the quick workouts with longer workouts during different days of the week.

While the quick workouts can effectively support your exercise efforts, they usually don’t add up to enough time to meet exercise goals. If you’re on a diet that is supporting rapid weight loss, don’t do away with exercise simply because you’re losing weight. By sticking with exercise routines while you’re dieting you’ll preserve body tone and other health benefits that exercise supports while you’re losing weight.

If you’re like most people, your exercise goals should include adding more exercise into your lifestyle. Use the suggestions above for adding to your exercise regimen without feeling like you’re spending all day at the gym.

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