Exercise And Fitness Myths Concerning Senior Citizens


Are you out of shape, but you feel like you are simply too old to workout? If this applies to you, then understand that this a flawed way of thinking. Regardless of your age, staying active and being in shape is very important. This article will outline many of the common excuses that older people use to avoid exercising.

You may believe that since you are old, it does not matter how you look. In addition, since you believe you will not live much longer, you do not want to put in the time to exercise. However, this is an extremely flawed concept. Although many people get in better shape so that they can look great, the main reason you should exercise is to be healthier and feel better.

In addition, there are many older people who are fit and look years younger than they really are. In addition, by being fit, you will more likely live longer, and you will feel great during your golden years.You may feel that you cannot exercise because you do not have the strength and stamina to do so now that you are older. Actually, the opposite is true.

By exercising and being fit, you will help restore your energy, which will help you feel years younger than you are. By putting in the time to exercise, you will not be sorry.Another excuse older people use is that they are afraid they will hurt themselves. It is true that certain exercises can be very dangerous and cause you injury, but there are many other exercises that are not dangerous.

Although you should avoid lifting really heavy weights, this does not mean you should not lift weights at all. Instead, lift light weights with high repetitions. This type of weight lifting will minimize your risk of injury. Instead of running, which is very hard on the joints, try walking or riding a bicycle.

If you have never been on a fitness routine before in your life, you may believe that is too late for you to begin one now. However, this is not true. It is never too late to start. Once you introduce your body to a healthy lifestyle, it will reciprocate the favor and get stronger and healthier. Your body is not broken, regardless of how old you are and how out of shape you are.

Finally, if you are disabled, you may believe you cannot exercise. However, even if you are in a wheelchair, you can exercise. Simply pushing your wheelchair around is good exercise. In addition, you can still do upper body dumbbell exercises. Just make sure you use light weights. You can get fit regardless of the shape your body is in.

As you can see, there is simply no excuse to forgo your fitness routine, regardless of your age and physical condition. By keeping your body in top condition, you will look and feel incredible. As a result, you can live your final years healthier and happier.

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