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Lots of people talk about beginning an exercise program and getting back into shape, but the reality is that few of them actually carry through with the promise. Excuses come easily. Some of the many excuses include too busy, too old, too hard and on and on.

Sometimes those excuses hold true when it comes to certain activities. Not everyone is capable of running or lifting weights or spending hours at the gym each week. But the excuse for not getting into shape is just that, an excuse. With just some minor modifications to your lifestyle, you can make tremendous gains in your fitness level and overall health.

Climbing stairs is such a great form of exercise that it’s a competitive sport. No one said that it’s easy, but that’s not the point. If you live or work in a high rise, your exercise is waiting right there for you anytime.

Of course it’s not always practical to climb twenty flights of stairs to get to your office, but rarely are you in such a hurry that you can’t catch the elevator in the 2nd floor. Over the course of a few weeks, months or years, that single flight of stairs will add up to thousands of calories burned and hours of good exercise.

If possible, consider using a bike to travel in lieu of a car of public transport. It may not be practical to bike to work, but what about a trip to the corner store for a gallon of milk? If nothing else, a nice bike ride on a Sunday afternoon is a great family activity that doesn’t even feel like exercise. Once again, a few trips around the block each day will add up.

Unless you cannot walk at all, there is no reason you can’t take a walk through the neighborhood each evening. This will take less than thirty minutes, and over the course of time, it will add up to considerable exercise. This is also a good way to meet neighbors and see what’s going on around you. If you have a dog you can take with you, you will be very popular.

Most people eat a lot more calories than they need to live. This is especially harmful with the average sedentary lifestyle. Dieting, like marathon running, isn’t meant to be fun. But not everyone runs twenty six miles. Treat your dieting like a short jog rather than an marathon.

Once a day, walk away from that snack, or even better, replace it with some vegetables. Drink water instead of sugary soda. If you must drink the soda, make sure it’s sugar-free. This approach probably won’t get you ready for the catwalk, but over the course of a year, you can shed a few pounds painlessly.

Getting healthier does not have to be an epic undertaking. If you pay attention to the little things and try to work in a few healthy habits where you can, you can substantially improve your health without putting forth any effort of suffering any inconvenience. As your fitness improves, you’ll find yourself becoming more active and your health and fitness will continue to improve.

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